Looking Back: The African Well Fund in Ghana 2009 - Personal Stories

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Last week, we covered AWF's second project in Ghana. These are stories from the communities served!

ghanastories2-1.jpg"Because of the improved toilet facility children no longer come home from school as frequently to access toilet facility as they used to do; they now seem to be camped at the school and only return after classes. Parents are now saved from the troubles of chasing children to go back to school when they come home".

Madam Efua Atta, Sabena


"At first, it was the duty of students to dig a pit and cover with planks to serve as toilet facility; this often did not last for long but now we have a neat lasting facility; there is now privacy and comfort."

Grace Sam, Sabena School, Stage 6


"Because this facility is well covered we no more see flies visiting the toilets and later jumping into our meals. There is no fear of diseases; it is a nice and beautiful facility".

Joshua Sasah, Sabena School, Stage 5


"Now it is easy for us to wash our hands after visiting the toilet; children can now use the facility without the fear of falling into it".

Theresa Appiah, Sabena, Stage 5

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