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New Shoes = Clean Water

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I ordered three pairs of shoes yesterday. They're all very cute and I can't wait until they arrive at my house.

What do my new shoes have to do with clean water? Quite a lot, actually, because my shoe purchase is helping AWF fund the construction of clean water and sanitation projects in sub-Saharan Africa. I made the purchase through GoodShop, a searchable listing of thousands of online retailers who will donate a portion of your purchase (up to 8 percent, depending on the retailer) to the charity of your choice.

Five percent of the purchase price of my shoes was donated to AWF just because I clicked on the retailer's link on GoodShop. I also found a coupon for 10 percent off my order on GoodShop.

I was going to buy shoes anyway, so using GoodShop to get a good deal and earn money for AWF made sense to me. And it's not just shoes; I've used GoodShop when buying books, DVDs, clothes and flowers.

GoodShop is a product of GoodSearch, a search engine that donates 1 cent per web search to the charity of your choice. AWF has been listed with GoodSearch since December 2005, earning more than $1,300 in that time from its supporters' web searches and online purchases.

If you'd like your web searches or purchases to benefit AWF projects, click here and let the site know you're supporting African Well Fund (Schenectady, NY).

Anti-Flag - Practicing What They Preach

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Many thanks to Chris #2 from Anti-Flag for the shout-out in his interview in The Aquarian Weekly

As Chris says, the band have been long-time supporters of the African Well Fund, donating proceeds from a  guitar giveaway , ticket sales and items for our Got Water? auctions.

They have also helped raise awareness about the need for clean water in Africa by distributing African Well Fund info at their shows.

They believe as we do that it is possible to personally effect positive change in the world both locally and globally.

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