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Support African Well Fund- Holiday Edition!

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Hard as it is to believe, but we're rolling right through December and into 2013. Maybe you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, or Bodhi, or maybe you just pride yourself on your amazing New Year's parties- whatever the case, would you consider thinking of the African Well Fund during your seasonal celebrations? It can be as easy as one extra click while shopping for gifts online!

Here are a few of our favourite ways to give during the holidays:

-1- Donate! The simplest way to help us continue to increase access to clean water for those in Africa. Our current work in Mali is expected to provide water and sanitation to 1,800 students. You can read all about the project here!

-2- Purchase Well Shares for friends, family, co-workers, and hey, maybe even strangers! Like donating, Well Shares directly fund water projects in Africa. A great choice as a stocking stuffer, or for the person who has everything.

-3- Each year, generous artists Lara Wineman and Elsha Stockseth donate a portion of the proceeds of their holiday cards to the African Well Fund. You can see Lara's cards here  and Elsha's here. If you love sending out yearly greetings, these are a wonderful option!

-4- Shop using our affiliate links and you earn extra cash for AWF without spending a dime! An Amazon or iTunes fan? Bookmark our referral address as your main link to the site, and the donation becomes automatic!

-5- Along those lines, GoodShop provides a listing of thousands of retailers, all of whom will donate to AWF when you use their referral links. You can read about Devlin Smith's experience using GoodShop last year. So far simply clicking through GoodShop has raised $1800.00 for AWF!

This list is hardly exhaustive. You can shop our merch store, donate a percentage of your eBay auction, or see if your company's community giving would support AWF! For more ways to get involved, you can always check out this article at our main site. 

Maybe, though, the best way to give hasn't been thought of yet! What do you think? How will you support the African Well Fund this year, and in years to come?

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