About Us

African Well Fund is a registered non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to raising funds for building and maintaining wells in Africa. It was formed in October 2002 by a group of U2 fans inspired by the media coverage of Bono’s May 2002 trip to Africa with then Secretary of U.S. Treasury, Paul O’Neill. Struck by the relatively low cost of building a well and the enormous difference that a well can make in the life of a village, we were convinced that raising the money to build a well was an easily achievable goal. It was from this conviction that the African Well Fund (AWF) was born.

All donations to the African Well Fund go directly to Africare. Africare is the largest and oldest international NGO focused exclusively on Africa. Since 1970, Africare has been improving lives and building a better future for Africa by focusing on healthcare, maternal and child health, HIV & AIDS, access to water, agriculture and food security. In more than 40 years of building partnerships with local communities, NGOs, governments and the private sector, Africare has invested over $1 billion in more than 35 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.. To learn more about Africare and their work please visit www.africare.org

Note: While the African Well Fund was founded by a group of U2 fans who were inspired by Bono's advocacy for Africa, the African Well Fund is not affliated with or sponsored by Bono, U2, or its management company.

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to most of the common questions we receive about the African Well Fund.

You can download our latest annual report here.

Board of Directors

The African Well Fund is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Board positions are filled by election and board members serve three-year terms. Board members are typically chosen from active volunteers of the organization. If you are interested in serving on our board, please email us.

Board Officers

Rob Trigalet, Pennsylvania

Diane Yoder, New York
Vice Chairman and Treasurer

Angela Martens, Alberta, Canada



Board Members

Julie Cook, California


Abbey Fisher, Pennsylvania


Elizabeth Gipson, California


Ayesha Marcel, California


Lara Wineman, Georgia


Past Board Members

The African Well Fund would like to thank the following past board members for their service:

Current Board Advisors
Elizabeth Beech (founding member and Current Board Advisor) - ebeech@africanwellfund.org

Laura Page (founding member and Current Board Advisor)- lpage@africanwellfund.org
Anne Cimon (Current Board Advisor)- acimon@africanwellfund.org
Devlin Smith (Curretn Board Advisor) - dsmith@africanwellfund.org

Past Board Members
Jo Sanchez (founding member)
Patricia Hefner (founding member)
Bridget McCann (founding member)
Aimee Powell
Karla Siegel (founding member)
Donna Laughlin
Annette Quintero
Paola Palumbi Yeager


The African Well Fund is a grass roots organization with no paid staff. All work is done by volunteers operating in a committee structure. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us or visit our volunteer forum.