Kampala, Uganda

I've read about this place, I've watched the programs on TV, I've seen the statistics on the poverty but there is nothing, nothing that can prepare you for the sights & sounds & smells,the mud & tin shacks, the masses & masses of people, the traffic that makes driving in Manhattan look like a picnic. (Hats off to our driver, Julius who didn't even blink) And all that was just the the dizzying, frightening, exhilirating, our senses drive from the airport to downtown Kampala.As I'm writing this from the Namirembe Guest House on a hilltop overlooking the city with the sound of gospel choirs drifting up the hillside and it's just overwhelming, the heartbraking poverty and yet the beautiful, friendly people that we've met so far.
Today, Steve arrives & then tommorrow we meet up with Anthony from Africare.

"Blessings, blessings not just for the ones that kneel...thankfully."

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